Starting Concept of Computer Programming; Introducing with the C editor's environment; Introduction to Data Types; Different Types of Operators; Different types of Expression Evaluation; Type casting; Introduction to Conditional Operators; if statement; switch statement; goto statement; Introduction to loops (while, do-while, for); Concept and use of array; Declaring one and two-dimensional arrays; Storing and accessing array elements manually and through loops; Introduction to string. scanning and printing strings; Different types of string manipulation; Introduction to pointers; use of pointes; Calling and accessing pointer type variables; Introduction to function; Defining and calling functions; Sending and receiving parameters; Scope of variables; Introducing call by value and call by reference. Introduction to structure and union; Use of structures; Defining and accessing structures; Nested structure; File manipulation; Creating file; Opening file in different modes; Storing and retrieving information from file. Introduction to object oriented Programming.

Credit: 3/lab
Prerequisite: None