A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is documented between American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) and Business Initiative Leading Development (BUILD)

The Memorandum of Understanding relating to the Business Confidence Survey (BCS) Project (BDT 9,15,000.00) on October 09, 2012 signed by Vice Chancellor Dr. Carmen Z. Lamagna, AIUB and the Chairman Mr. Asif Ibrahim, BUILD. The Project Leader for AIUB is Professor Dr. Md. Faruque Hossain and the Project Supervisor is Professor Dr. Charles C. Villanueva, Faculty of Business Administration, AIUB. BIFC is providing the funds on a counterpart basis with BUILD and AIUB equally share resources. This MOU aims to offer insight into business confidence of the investors and private sector on understanding the viability of the economy from their perspective. The survey is collecting basic but vital information on economic conditions, availability of finance, legal environment, tax environment, customs control, business regulations, public administration and investment climate from businesses. It will measure the conditions of these factors in comparison to the situation obtaining six months back. The government finds it to be an effective tool to comprehend how much assurance the investors and private sector have in the economy and thereby, develop the country’s viable strategy, accordingly. The manifold benefits of the BCS are as follows: (i) provide necessary guidance in developing macro and microeconomic policies; (ii) a way of evaluating the effectiveness of the initiatives undertaken by the government; (iii) work as a reference point for potential investors; (iv) an independent way of determining the challenges faced by entrepreneurs; and (v) help in developing private sector friendly investment policies. The survey specifically, the data collection which entrusted to AIUB will be undertaken in four (4) months. This partnership with BUILD provides opportunity for the university to strengthen its position in the academia in carrying inherent functions of any institution of higher learning such as instruction, research and community involvement or outreach.