A Study Visit to The Radisson Hotel by HTM students

HTM students have visited Radisson Water Garden Hotel in Dhaka on Thursday the 19th. This relatively new luxurious hotel has been luring city guests and residents because of its beauty and location. It provides different services not only to foreign guests but also to locals such as its exclusive restaurants, spa, health club and banquet halls.

Students gathered at 10:30 at staff entrance of the hotel, had a thorough security check and were welcomed and led by the Training Executive Mr. Alam to the back office of the hotel where Human Resource, Finance and Accounting, Kitchen, Storage Rooms, and other operation units are located. There is also the staff restaurant there where every Radisson employee is provided with complimentary meals. The team then studied the outlets on the top floors and top club floors followed by the gym, swimming pool and spa areas. It was a very informative tour of the premises and facilities of the hotel that has provided a lot of practical knowledge and motivation for students.