A Visit to Charuta Workshop Organized by Department of Architecture

Students of the Interior Design course from the Department of Architecture went to a study tour of the Workshop of “Charuta Private Ltd.” at Savar on November 24, 2010. Charuta Private Ltd is a leading interior decoration company in Bangladesh. As Charuta is dealing with Interior materials for long time, they have become one of the best companies in terms of the production of interior design elements in the most finest and finished details. Their workshop at Savar is the place where their designers and craftsmen work in the process of designing and implementing the design into a finished furniture product made of wood, laminated fiber board, metal, plastic and others. The tour was organized by Lecturer Mania Tahsina Taher, and accompanied by Lecturer Dilruba Ferdous Suvra. The trip was a day-long event. The tour group, which included students and faculty members, started first from the workshop’s ‘Wood Cutting Section’. The supervisors in the workshop showed their instruments which they use to smoothen, cut, or drill a piece of wood in making of wooden furniture. They also showed different techniques of wooden joints, and hand-molding for decoration of wooden furniture in that section. Then, the group went to ‘Furniture-making Section’. There they were shown the materials and the overall process involved in making fabric sofa. Afterwards, the group went to the workshop’s ‘Finishing Section’, There they were shown the process for finishing and coloring of a wooden furniture. Lastly, the group was taken to the ‘Wood Processing Section’, where the raw woods are processed, seasoned and made ready for furniture-making. After being finished with visiting the workshop, the students were taken to Charuta showroom at Banani (beside Gulshan Club), where they experienced the excellence of design and perfect finish of modern furniture and interior finishes produced by Charuta Private Ltd.