AIUB Community of Engineering Students (ACES) arranged a seminar named as “Study and Scholarship Opportunity in Germany” in the Multipurpose Hall of AIUB permanent campus. The program started at 4.00pm with the participation of around 200 students from various departments of the university. The purpose of the seminar was to pass on a quality amount of knowledge about the study life along with the scholarship programs and opportunities in Germany for masters and PhD Programs.

Prof. Dr. A.B.M. Siddique Hossain (Dean, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB) inaugurated the seminar by greeting the speakers and the students with his perceptive speech. He praised Germans for their generosity and appreciated the country for their affordable accommodation and travel cost. He also added that many faculties in AIUB had their masters and even PhD done in Germany and encouraged the students to start exploring different websites for gathering information on higher studies in abroad. Thereafter, the guest speaker Mr. Salman Haider (Senior Advisor, Diakonia German Education Center) was requested to come forward on the stage and discuss about the Germany universities application procedure, scholarship programs, accommodation cost and job offers. Firstly, he symbolized Germany as the land of opportunities for the Engineers. After that, he presented the audience with his informative presentation which contained the master and PhD program details of many Germany universities. He also said that there are 35 scholarship programs offered by around 150 universities and discussed about the scholarship and citizenship application. He emphasized on the significance of the motivation letter as it will increase the selection chance of the application. In addition, he mentioned that Germany is the 3rd largest economic country where many part time job places are available for the students and hence opening the pathway to various job opportunities. By the end of his presentation, an interesting question-answer session was arranged.

The program ended with the inspirational speech from Prof. Dr. Md. Abdul Mannan (Director of Undergraduate Program, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB). He expressed his admiration towards the uniqueness of Germany for its quality products and financial development. Moreover, he motivated the students to apply for higher studies in Germany in order to have a better career. He conveyed acknowledgement to the guest speakers and gave them a token of appreciation. Mr. Safayet Ahmed (Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB & Motivator of ACES), Ms. Sumaiya Umme Hani (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB & Motivator of ACES), Mehedi Kayser Pabitra (Assistant Professor, Faculty of English department, AIUB) graced the ceremony with their presence. 

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