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Online Adding-Dropping Procedure

  1. Please Read and Strictly follow the instructions provided by the Additional Registrar in the “Adding & Dropping” notice posted on the Website on Oct 14.
  2. ONLY for exceptional cases (e.g., cannot find courses, sections are full etc.) use the Adding Dropping Request Form from the following link:
  1. After filling up the form, wait with patience for 24hrs. If your form response is not processed by then, you can email the registration advisors as per the list below with mail subject “Adding Dropping Request :: XX-XXXXX-X” where XX-XXXXX-X is your AIUB ID.

Student ID

Advisor Name and Email

All up to 18-XXXXX-1

Mr. Mohaimen-Bin-Noor

18-XXXXX-2 to 19-XXXXX-3

Ms. Juena Ahhmed Noshin

20-XXXXX-1 to 20-XXXXX-2

Ms. Sifat Rahman Ahona

  1. You MUST send email to above mentioned email addresses ONLY (as per your ID).  Otherwise your request might not be attended.
  2. If you have any other Registration related issue, please Email to the above mentioned Registration advisors (faculty members) as per your ID.



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