On 16th May 2020, the AIUB Computer Club (ACC) organized its first virtual workshop on “Software Requirement Analysis” through web platform jitsi.org. The internal workshop for the members of ACC was conducted by Abdullah Al Faruque Sojol, an AIUB Alumni & Former President of ACC. He is currently working as the Senior Software Business Analyst at Appinion BD Limited.

S.M. Raihan Gafur, the current President of ACC, initiated the workshop by welcoming all the particpants and introducing the guest speaker, Mr. Abdullah Al Faruque Sojol. The session commenced with the introduction of software requirements and why software requirement analysis is a fundamental pillar of an ideal SDLC. The workshop highlighted the responsibilities and the core activities of a Requirement Analyst, discussing the process of Requirement Analysis. Mr. Faruque also shared his own experiences throughout his career, inculcating the participants to the realities, challenges, and opportunities in the field of software analysis.

The workshop was concluded with a constructive Q&A session where the participants expressed their various queries. In the end, Md Ferdous Akhter, also an AIUB Alumni and Former President of ACC, and currently working as the Associate Software Engineer at Brain Station-23, elaborated on the future scope for the software requirement analysts and encouraged the participants to develop their skills. The workshop was facilitated by the Special Assistants of the Office of Student Affairs (OSA), Mr. Abhijit Bhowmik, Associate Professor, and Mr. Sharfuddin Mahmood, Assistant Professor, in the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) at AIUB.

The workshop marked a great milestone for AIUB Computer Club (ACC) being the first virtual workshop they organized during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing knowledge regarding Software Requirement Analysis. Being one of the most essential topics of Software Development Life Cycle, Software Requirement Analysis is fundamental for creating an ideal Software.  Over 60 members, along with alumni and executives of ACC attended the workshop, making it a productive initiative for the club.

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