With great zeal and diligence, the inauguration of “AIUB ENGINEERING JUBILATION (AEJ) 2016” of Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) & Computer Engineering (CoE) of American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) was commenced on 17th of July, 2016 at Faculty of Engineering building. AEJ 2016 is a week long program of festive events and technical sessions to inspire and motivate the young engineers and also to showcase the immense achievements made by the department to the rest of the world. The ceremonial was enlightened with the presence of Prof. Dr. Charles Carillo Villanueva (Pro Vice Chancellor, AIUB), Mr. Md. Lutfar Rahman (Director, PR, Legal & Int’l Affairs, AIUB), Dr. Md. Abdur Rahman (Director, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB), Mr. Manzur H Khan (Director, OSA, AIUB), Mr. Mashiour Rahman (Director, FSIT, AIUB) along with Department Heads and faculty members from different departments.

The dawn of this glorious extravaganza commenced with the welcome speech accorded by Dr. Md. Abdur Rahman where he warmly welcomed the audiences for their precious presence, explained what engineering is all about and lastly the cause behind this great bout – to celebrate the golden past, precious present and grooming future of EEE & CoE department. Subsequently the embarkation of the celebration was finally initiated by the inaugural speech of Dr. Charles Carillo Villanueva by construing the intrinsic meaning of jubilation, how it motivates one with greater zeal, enthusiasm and perseverance to frame the future. The cake cutting session was lastly commenced where all the present distinguished personalities participated along with the students.

Following the inauguration ceremony, the first event of AEJ 2016, Project Exhibition followed by Workshop on Ardumation conducted by TECHSHOP Bangladesh commenced. Day 2 of AEJ2016 was powered by AIUB Community of Engineering Students (ACES). The day started with Programming Contest on Microcontroller. A renowned panel of jury board decided the winners of the event. Almost at the same time, “Programing contest on C” was arranged for C language lovers, where contestants from engineering and computer science background were provided with some specific tasks to solve within a specific period of time. After an intense session, winners were announced by a jury panel, differentiating them into two categories, engineering students and computer science students. A “Talent Hunt: Photo Exhibition” episode was also organized with a theme of finding hidden talents in engineering students in photography. The venue in faculty of engineering building was decorated with photographs of different participants, which were captured with cell-phone or DSLR camera. A “Math Quiz Contest” was also organized for the enlightened, mathematicians among the engineering students. After an intense battle, the winners were declared by a jury board of distinguished personnel. The day ended with a Computer Game Contest on NEED FOR SPEED MOST WANTED

The third day of AEJ 2016 was powered by Engineering Students’ Association of Bangladesh (ESAB) AIUB Unit Face, where different seminars, workshops and contests were organized. The day long schedule initiated with a seminar titled “Green World Revolution”, where distinguished speaker from the faculty of engineering delivered informative session on Green energy and its revolutionary breakthrough in the field of energy and the latest technology and trends in use. Almost at the same time, a contest for Line Follower Robots was organized. Different teams brought their line follower robots for contesting and judgment was done based on weight, dimension and the ability of the robot to maneuver through the track. The day was also composed of a workshop titled “Workshop on Obstacle Detection and Avoidance Robot”, where the participants were introduced to the basic design and automation of ODA Robots, their uses and finally assembly of a prototype, by distinguished instructors from AplombTech. Distinguished invited speakers from the corporate world like Sheba, Beximco and UNIGIGG, were also invited to share their experience regarding the corporate world of engineering in a seminar titled “Entrepreneurship for Engineers”. Finally, the day ended with a knockout round based table tennis tournament.

Day 4 of AEJ 2016 powered by AIUB-IEEE student branch, started with a technical talk on “Research and Methodology” by distinguished speaker from an external institution in the research and development field, where he thoroughly discussed about the process of initiating research and how to develop a methodology to achieve the desired goal, the do’s and don’ts of the research process, to name some. The day also consisted of “EEE Trivia Contest” and “Scavenger hunt”, both of which were based on electrical engineering theme and was thoroughly enjoyed by the participants. A workshop titled “Workshop on Simulation of Renewable Energy Based System using MATLAB, SIMULINK, RETScreen & Homer” was also organized, where distinguished faculty members from the faculty of engineering shared their experience on the most relied tool in engineering, MATLAB, a platform that is optimized for solving engineering and scientific problems. The day ended with a knockout round computer gaming competition on FIFA 11.

Day-5 started with two events “Engineering Idea Sharing” and “Simulation Contest”. The technical sessions of AEJ 2016 was wrapped up with two informative seminars in the field of electronics one titled “Physical Layout Design with Microwind and Cadence Virtuoso” presented by a renowned faculty member, from faculty of engineering, in the field of electronics and the other titled “Seminar on IC Design: Logic to GDSII”, presented by distinguished speakers from ULKASEMI.

The final day (Day-5) of this week long celebration was lauded with enormous passion and spirit. Dr. Mohammad Abdul Mannan (Dept. Head, Undergraduate Program, FE, AIUIB) brought the consummate of this gratified celebration with his courteous and exalting speech. The day was glorified with different cultural activities such as dramas, dance performances and musical arrays where students performed with immense devotion and ecstasy. On this day, participants who secured leading positions in different games, contests and exhibitions were highly appreciated and encouraged with certificates and awards. All the judges, instructors and presenters of different contests, workshops and seminars were also acknowledged with certificates. Sincere gratitude was presented to the sponsors for their generosity and endless support by giving souvenir as token of appreciation. The event was graced with the presence of Mr. Rinku Basak, Head (PG, Engineering), Mr. Nafiz Ahmed Chisty, Assistant Professor & Special Assistant (EEE), Mr. Saniat Rahman Zishan, Assistant Professor & Special Assistant (OSA), Dr.  Md. Anwar Hossain, Senior Assistant Professor, Dr. Md. Kamrul Hassan, Assistant Professor, Dr. M. Tanseer Ali, Assistant Professor, Dr. Mohammad Nasir Uddin, Assistant Professor, Dr. Md. Tanvir Hasan, Assistant Professor, along with faculty members, teaching assistants, students from ACES, IEEE and ESAB. The ceremonial was concluded with a motivational speech delivered by Dr. Abdur Rahman where he emphasized and anticipated that the jubilation will continue to uphold its glory, year after year in academic and co-curricular activities.

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