On 24 December 2017, AIUB Community of Engineering Students (ACES) organized an event titled “Celebration of Project and Thesis Completion” which was supported by the faculty members of Department of EEE & CoE. This massive event took place at the campus of American International University-Bangladesh. It was a daylong event which started from 10 am.

There were 70 groups who appeared for the final defense, after presenting their project/thesis to their respective supervisors, external supervisor and other guest faculties, there was a poster competition where, all of the groups had to explain the project they worked on, to the judges. The judges gave them marks according to the teams’ effort and dedication for the poster that they presented. Each member of the group was presented with crests as an acknowledgment of their successful completion of their project thesis. Mr. Md. Saniat Rahman Zishan (Senior Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Special Assistant, OSA, AIUB & Mentor of ACES) inaugurated the main event by welcoming the students of EEE & CoE Department who partook in this celebration program, and gave a valuable speech regarding future prospects and career. Furthermore, it was found that the students of Faculty of Engineering were not just capable in only designing and implementing complex devices, but also profound and brilliant in being musicians. The whole event was elevated by their participation in the cultural program and the beautiful performances, which incorporated instrumental music, singing and dancing by AIUB Performing Arts Club (APAC), further heightened the splendor of the event. The hosts of the event were very grateful for the participation of APAC. Students from other batches also participated in cultural program. Followed by the cultural program, faculty members of EEE & CoE department inaugurated the raffle draw event, where students as well as the faculty members took part. Furthermore, the top three winners of the best poster presenter, were given certificates of acknowledgement by the faculties of the EEE & CoE Department.

Prof. Dr. Md. Abdur Rahman (Director, Faculty of Engineering AIUB) concluded the event by announcing the viable candidates of Fall 2017-2018 semester for the Vice Chancellor’s award for the convocation. Moreover, he thanked all the participants for all their diligence, for successfully presenting their projects and thesis. He also thanked ACES for organizing this event, faculty members of department of EEE & CoE for their support, APAC for their participation in cultural program.  Prof. Dr. Md. Abdul Mannan  (Head of Undergraduate Program, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB), Mr. Chowdhury Akram Hossain (Senior Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering AIUB & Special Assistant OSA & Advisor of ACES), Md. Nahian - Al - Subri Ivan (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB), Mr. Shuvra Saha (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB), Mr. Ahmed Mortuza Saleque (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB), Mr. Abu Hena Md. Shatil (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB), Mr. Kawshik Shikder (Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB), Mr, Kazi Muhammad Jameel (Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering AIUB). Mr. Kazi Ahmed Asif Fuad (Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering AIUB), Ms. Sumaiya Umme Hani (Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB & Motivator of ACES), Mr. Safayet Ahamed (Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering AIUB and Motivator of ACES) and Md. Arif Abdulla Samy (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, AIUB) graced the ceremony with their presence and the celebrated event came to a conclusion with a group photo. The entire event was a successful one due to the huge support of the project & thesis supervisors and externals of the EEE & CoE department.


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