Engineering Talks

A vivid seminar niched by “Engineering Talks” took place in the seminar hall of the EEE Dept. of AIUB on 13th July, Saturday. It was organized by Engineering Students’ Association of Bangladesh (ESAB) in association with the dept. of EEE, AIUB. “A.I in Robotics and Embedded Systems”, “Robotics &Automation” and “Higher Study Abroad” were the key topics of the seminar. Including the majority of AIUBian engineering students, there were a number of students from other universities as participants in the seminar.

The honorable dean of Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Dr. ABM Siddique Hossain adorned the seat of the chief guest in the seminar. Among other special guests, the honorable Registrar of AIUB, Prof. M. A. Quaiyum, Mr. Taskin Jamal(Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering), Mr. Saniat Rahman Zishan (Asst. Prof. & Special Asst. of OSA) were also present at the seminar.

The seminar was started by the national anthem. Later on, a short but informative video-demo was presented focusing on the central motivation of ESAB and its activities at AIUB Campus.In his inaugural speech, the honorable chief guest Prof. Dr. ABM Siddique Hossain advised the students to do more research based works. He also inspired the students to come forward and explore the world of Robotics & Automation with more passion. The Registrar of AIUB, Prof. M. A. Quaiyum also inspired the students to be more advanced in the arena of Automation and Robotics. Later on, the Vice President of ESAB, Md. Asif Al Hye(from BUET-EEE) delivered his welcome speech in the seminar.
In the first session of the seminar, Mr. Sayedus Salehin,  lecturer of EEE Dept. of AIUB discussed about various fields of Higher Study, opportunities at abroad, renowned varsities throughout the Europe, America, Australia, Germany and Asia. He also talked on the criteria of applying for scholarships, procedures & timing to move in this regard. Later on, he answered to some questions from the enthusiastic minds.
As special guest speaker, the supervisor of BracU-Chandrabot 2 & 3, Associate Prof. Dr. Md. Khalilur Rahman from the dept. of CSE, Brac University was present on the seminar and talked on “A.I in Robotics & Embedded Systems.” Following a short video projection on various type of nanobots, he discussed about the techniques of robot building, purposes of modifications, tips about choosing the right structure of a robot. He also engaged the participants by sharing exquisite details and his personal experiences about the NASA Lunabotics Minining Competition’12. Following the lively seminar session, he took some questions from curious students.

As an in-house speaker, Mr. Ebad Zahir, lecturer of the EEE dept. of AIUB talked on the correlation between Robotics and Automation Systems. He showed some gigantic automation set-up of different labs and factories. He also focused on the important mechanisms of factory automations and humanoid robots. He provided a brief about the evaluation of humanoid robots too.

At the wrapping up session, on behalf of the dept. of EEE, Mr. Ebad Zahir handed over a gift hamper to the honorable guest speaker, Mr. Khalilur Rahman as a symbol of greetings from AIUB. Then the General Secretary of ESAB, Md. Arif Raihan Maahi (from AIUB-EEE) delivered his ‘thanks note’ towards the speakers and the audience. He also thanked the ESAB organizing team of the seminar for the tremendous event. The seminar was conducted and concluded by the Coordinator of ESAB-AIUB Operations, Mashrur H. Shurid(from AIUB-EEE).

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