Department of Law


The Department of Law aims to provide broad education in law and academic disciplines. It aims to develop in students a wide appreciation of relevant subjects and of their importance rigorous academic challenges of current law, and to train them to be excellent law practitioners. This department will provide them the training, which will help them solve the challenging law related problems they encounter. This department also focuses in developing the capabilities to identify and grow new opportunities and integrates theoretical knowledge with the capacity to apply such knowledge in practice and innovation and the practice of innovation leadership.

The objectives of the Department of Law and the AIUB in general are:

  • AIUB envisions promoting professionals and excellent leadership catering to the technological and legal progress and development needs of the country;
  • AIUB is committed to provide quality and excellent legal programs responsive to the emerging challenges of the time;
  • AIUB is dedicated to nurture and produce competent world class legal professional imputed with strong sense of ethical values ready to face the competitive world of legal arena;
  • The training of students with uncompromising standards of excellence in service to their clients and to society;
  • An emphasis on ethical considerations in the legal process;
  • Full participation of the legal academic community in the larger University community;
  • A diverse community of men and women devoted to freedom of inquiry and freedom of expression;
  • Excellence in teaching and scholarly research;
  • A balance of the rigorous and the humane in student-teacher relationships;
  • A curriculum addressing the fundamental demands of law practice and the evolving needs of society and
  • Endeavors outside the University that reflects high moral standards and Professional excellence.
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