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About the Department

The Department of Economics at AUIB is an integral part of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS). Although, the Faculty of Business offers Economics both as minor and major in the BBA program, the clamor for a full blown of program or degree in economics has always been echoed by the students in view of the increasing demand for professional economics, needed in various business and service sectors of the country. Akin to AUIB’s slogan “Where leaders are created,” the primordial goal of the program is to produce future leaders of competent economists ready to respond to the increasing demand of the economic sector. To fulfill the dream of the students, the Department of Economics is offering three programs: BSS in Economics, BBA Major in Economics and MBA Major in Business Economics.

Why Study Economics at AIUB?

Economics is broad and a challenging discipline which provides an analytical basis for decision making. Economics plays a key role on the issue on how scarce resources are efficiently allocated. Economics helps you to look more deeply into the world around you, how and why it functions, and how the pressing and challenging problems facing the world could be solved. The university has designed a relevant and responsive curriculum on economics so it can help contribute in the growth and development perspectives of country by producing competent and dynamic professionals in the field of economics.

Aims of the Program

The program envisages cultivating patterns of inquiry that produce economic accuracy, understanding the laws of economics and applying them practically. The program, specifically, aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To understand and appreciate the basis of economic theories, principles, techniques, law, policies and their applications and implications in the socio-economic development of an individual and the country in general


  • To understand the various economic techniques, models and strategies applied by different organizations and practitioners in promoting economic stability and progress

  • Internationally trained and competent faculty members

  • Journal in Business and Economics Publication

  • State-of-the-Art IT infrastructure facilities with advanced computer labs technology

  • Specialized placement office to help students find rewarding employment

  • Latest library collections with online library management systems

  • Regular international visiting professors to enhance cross-culture dialogue and intellectual exchange

  • Student and faculty exchange programs with foreign universities

  • Scholarship and waivers for meritorious students

  • Wide range of research scope including seminars, workshops and symposiums

  • Internship facilities at research institutions and professional organizations

Career Opportunities for Future Economists
  • Want to have a prestigious, guaranteed Job?

  • Want to work in the best global organizations

  • Want to be a world class researcher?

  • Want to be a dynamic policy planner?

Economics Cares for You!

It offers millions of colorful career options…

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