Department of Finance

Finance is the lifeblood of firms. Firms are the driving forces of modern economy. Economic system is crippled in the absence of efficient and proper financial system, a means by which an economy allocates money to its highest valued use. The focus of the financial system is to make sure that those with good ideas get the money necessary to implement the ideas. The Department of Finance at American International University – Bangladesh is a leader in experiential education in finance. The department’s primary objective is to focus on two critical issues. The first is determining value and the second is making the best decisions with respect to value. Undergraduate and graduate students at AIUB can take advantage of the BBA and MBA in Finance degree in many ways as the Finance Department provides students with many learning opportunities. Within the classroom, we offer a wide range of classes taught by our experienced and versatile faculties in the field of Investment, Valuation, Corporate Finance, Banking and International Finance. Members of the Department of Finance blend their professional experience with outstanding research and commitment to their students.
Department of Finance helps students analyze financing problems happening around the world in various different dimensions. This is further ensured by emphasizing teaching with case studies specific to various nationally and internationally-recognized firms. Moreover, courses are packaged such that students are equipped with knowledge of the cutting-edge research in finance as well as practical work in the field through field visits, study tours, simulated portfolio investment as well as internships. The Department of Finance also helps students to prepare for various professional programs like CFA and CFP. Combined with AIUB’s other departments and programs, the department provides finance students with the choices and resources they need to excel in their academic and professional careers.