FIN110001 Case_Study_DB_COMPAS (2) Bank Fund Management
FIN110002 DB_Flash_RWA-CRES_Flash_RWA_Case_Study Bank Fund Management
FIN110003 Global_Integrated_Loan_Trading Bank Fund Management
FIN110004 Loans_Trading_Support_System Bank Fund Management
FIN110005 TIBCO Bank Fund Management
FIN110006 Dividend Policy Corporate Finance
FIN110007 Mergers and Takeovers Corporate Finance
FIN110008 Oimal Capital Structure Corporate Finance
FIN110009 Weighted Average Cost of Capital Calculation Corporate Finance
FIN110010 Does borrowing from local banking system to finance deficit budget badly affect the economy Financial Institutions and Markets
FIN110011 Bond Valuation Financial Management
FIN110012 Credit_Risk_Document_Management_System Financial Management
FIN110013 The Time Value of Money Financial Management
FIN110014 The Time Value of Money  Financial Management
FIN110015 Multi-National Financial Management Global Finance
FIN110016 Finance - Investment Working Capital Management
FIN110017 Multiple Projects with Unequal Lives Working Capital Management
FIN110018 One Project on AcceReject Decision Working Capital Management
FIN110019 Common Stock Valuation on The Variable Growth Model Investment and Portfolio Management
FIN110020 Ethics Investment and Portfolio Management
FIN110021 Gordon Model Investment and Portfolio Management
FIN110022 Insider Trading Investment and Portfolio Management
FIN110023 Portfolio Risk and Return Analysis Investment and Portfolio Management
FIN110024 Risk and Return Investment and Portfolio Management
FIN110025 Stock Market Efficiency Investment and Portfolio Management