Message from Director [BBA]

Stepping every move with the vision of promoting professionals and excellent leadership catering to the country's technical progress and development needs, Since the inception of this university. AIUB’s primary’s thrust has been to provide high-quality and excellent computer-based academic programs that respond to the times' emerging challenges. AIUB believes strongly in nurturing its students with the best possible strategy of pump priming in an atmosphere which is ranked as an International University in 2006 by UNESCO.
The Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) began its journey with Management Information Systems (MIS) Major in 1994, established by Dr. Anwarul Abedin. Being proactive nature and keeping in mind the stakeholders' need for the job market, both national and international, MIS grabbed potential undergraduate students' attention. To sustain the development and meet stakeholders' requirements, BBA gradually opens up major and minor concentrating in Marketing (MKT), Finance (FIN), Accounting (ACT), Management (MGT), Human Resource Management (HRM), Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM), Tourism and Hospitality Management (THM), International Business (IB), Investment Management (IM), and Economics (ECO). To shape the future of the young generation, this BBA program with varying specializations is highly recommended.
BBA course curricula is OBE based and are always designed by obtaining feedback from industry experts, alumni, students, staff and other stakeholders. And that is why a strong network has been established by sharing knowledge and resources among local and international educational institutions, organizations, NGOs and industry. A total of 42 courses (126 Credit Hours) are required to complete the Undergraduate Program (BBA) along with Internship. Our students obtain administrative assistances from various offices, such as Office of Placement and Alumni (OPA), Office of Student Affairs (OSA), VUES, and Probation.
A strong relationship between University-Industry linkage exists between the BBA program and the employers. DCCI, BSHRM, ICAB are the few examples among many collaborations and MoUs of FBA and Industry. Student Exchange Programs, Internship exchange facilities, sandwich programs with foreign universities are regular phenomena. The students of BBA program are developed based on Knowledge creation, Skill and Ability development.
The BBA program always enhances educational facilities and infrastructure that adapt to the demands of change and society's needs. The quality of teaching and learning of the BBA program complied with the specified national and international standards of quality and excellence, including those of professional bodies and organizations. Evidence of this is that graduates serve leading roles in many renowned organizations in every sector in the home and around the world. The BBA program ensures adequate quality and excellence resulted in the international accreditation of the FBA program by an international accrediting body PAASCU. This program is also a member of AACSB and ACBSP, U.S.A. an exclusive organization for the advancement of business education programs.

Farheen Hassan
Associate Professor,
Director, Undergraduate Program (BBA), FBA,
Head, Department of Management and Human Resource Management, FBA,
Additional Director, Institutional Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC-AIUB),
American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB)