Department of Physics


Physics is the branch of science that deals with energy and matter. This is known as one of the prime branch science. Department of Physics started its journey from the beginning of the University with an enriched laboratory facility for the undergraduate students of engineering, architecture and computer science. The department offers basic theoretical and practical courses of B Sc. Level. All these courses are designed in such a way that these can maintain international standard and are worldwide accepted. These course also open opportunities for the students who desire to acquire higher degrees for building up their successful careers in the field of physics or relevant areas. However, the department is widely considered as a platform for acquiring knowledge on science, especially for the beginners. It preliminary put highlights on the implementation of theoretical understanding in engineering as well as practical world. Well-equipped laboratory of Physics department provides in-depth practical knowledge in this regard. In addition, the faculty members of the Department of Physics are very competent and have several years of experience in teaching as well as academia. They all are actively involved in various research area of Physics such as Solid State Physics, Materials Science, Superconductivity, Electronics, Photonics, Nuclear Physics, Human Machine Interfacing, Biomedical Engineering, Embedded System, Thin Films, Condensed Matter Physics, Nano-materials, Materials Characterization, Non-linear Optics, Nuclear Physics etc.