Departments of Mathematics

Mathematics – as the universal language for science, engineering, and technology have been playing a vital role in the development of modern cutting-edge specialized disciplines such as CSE, EEE, IT, IPE, architecture, and nanotechnology that AIUB is currently offering in undergraduate and graduate levels. Mathematics at AIUB is presently flourishing both in teaching and research. The department, with its highly qualified faculties, is dedicated to teaching quality undergraduate and graduate mathematics courses to ensure that students at AIUB are well-equipped with contemporary mathematical and statistical tools needed to solve real world problems after graduation.

The department focuses on applied research by means of networking knowledge amongst scientists, engineers, and mathematicians in order to feed the multidisciplinary demand of the fields. Needless to say, mathematics and statistics form the foundation for knowledge enhancement and expansion in all areas of science and engineering. Our faculty consists of active and well-established researchers in the field of mathematics and statistics. To their credit, they often serve as reviewers of many ISI and Scopus Journals. To conduct quality research, the mathematics department at AIUB has established interdisciplinary collaboration both within and outside the country. Our accomplishment in gaining funding enables us to conduct research activities in areas with possible long-term benefits rather than short-term achievements. We believe in making profound contributions to the university as well to the society. Our department always strives and aspires to make great advances in this regard in coming years.