Message from Associate Dean

Greetings and welcome to FST at AIUB!


Science and Technology is a dynamic area that has and will continue to drive innovation. Therefore, a key part of our education is about the knowledge and skills needed to capture the new technologies of the future.

FST is committed to academic excellence, with special focus on teaching-learning process, research and holistic development through our Fully Flexible Credit System (FFCS). We inculcate multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary competence and leadership skills in our students. aim to equip our students with the ability and skills to analyze, design and develop computer systems and their applications, with a curriculum that has a balanced emphasis on theory, practical’s, and projects. The focus will be on development and strengthening systems thinking, problem solving, analysis, design, research, team work, communication skills, and readiness for lifelong learning in areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Internet of Things. The courses run by the Departments will use mixed techniques of interactive lectures, tutorials, laboratory work, guided case studies, literature surveys and project work that require teamwork, critical and creative thinking. Creativity flourishes in an atmosphere that is free, friendly and above all, democratic and participatory in nature. Every course is designed, delivered, and monitored in a manner that will add a significant value to a student.

We equally emphasize on the development of core human values, mental well-being, and physical well-being of our students. Our teachers are active in a variety of research areas (including Internet technologies, collaborative learning, medical informatics, networks, computer security, and scientific computing) with this expertise providing the foundation for our graduate program and the basis for the ongoing Provincial approval of our Master's program in Computer Science. Our spectrum of offerings at the undergraduate level ranges from the theoretical to practical prepares our students for employment or continued studies for advanced degrees. Our graduate program includes both a selection of advanced courses and individual student research with the balance between courses and research.


Happy journey to FST!!!



Mashiour Rahman
Associate Dean in Charge
Faculty of Science and Technology