Message from Dean

The purpose of university education is to fast track the learning of students in arts, sciences and engineering so that they can take their place in the community and contribute in the human endeavour for a better and fulfilling living. In national context, AIUB has been at the forefront in this effort and it is now recognized as the premier institution for science & information technology. The Faculty of Science & Information Technology is now providing top-notch education to over 2000 students. This number is increasing with every intake, and there is a heavy demand from students for a place in the Faculty of Science & Information Technology.

AIUB imparts science and information technology education through prescribed curriculum, which has been approved by the University Grants Commission of the Govt. of Bangladesh. This curriculum is at par with that at other world universities. It has the knowledge and wisdom of scientific discoveries and innovations spanning over a period of a few hundred years or so. As such, the study of any discipline under the Faculty of Science & Information Technology is fulfilling and at the same time challenging. It requires students of better than average capabilities. AIUB has recognized from the very beginning that these students need and deserve better than average facilities and environment for their optimum development. As such, an excellent faculty team has been engaged to nurture its students, at the same time laboratories with the state of the art equipment has been built for imparting high grade training to these students.

Good luck and best wishes to all who embark on the arduous task of getting involved in human development through science & information technology education.


Prof. Dr. Tafazzal Hossain
Faculty of Science and Information Technology