Online Registration Procedure

  1. Students have to follow the online registration procedure to register courses according to the schedule given in the notice titled “Final-Registration flow chart of Fall 2020-21” on AIUB website.
  2. ONLY for exceptional cases (e.g., can’t find courses, sections are full, want to request for courses, etc.) use the registration request form.


To submit registration request, students have to follow the steps bellow:


  • Students MUST Login to their respective Microsoft Account (
  • Use the Correct Registration Request Form as per the table below.
  • Students MUST submit their registration request according to the schedule below.

NOTE: Forms will remain active only during the given schedule.


Student I.D. Number

Form Link

ONLY for exceptional cases

Oct 03 (4 PM) to Oct 04 (4 PM)

ALL up to 18-*****-1


Oct 04 (4 PM) to Oct 05 (4 PM)

18-*****-3 to 19-*****-1

Oct 05 (4 PM) to Oct 06 (4 PM)

19-*****-2 to 19-*****-3

Oct 06 (4 PM) to Oct 07 (4 PM)



Oct 07 (4 PM) to Oct 08 (4 PM)

Free Slot

Up to 18-XXXXX-1


18-XXXXX-2 to







  • Some course/sections have been cancelled. Please Unregister yourself from those course/sections.
  • Probation students can also submit their registration request. But, the confirmation of their final registration may be subject to the approval of respective advisor/ head/ director.
  • In case of any difficulty please email your concern to Mr. Mohaimen-Bin-Noor ( with the subject “Final Registration Fall 20-21:: XX-XXXXX-X”. Write your ID in place of XX-XXXXX-X.


Best Regards,

Department of Computer Science, FST

American International University-Bangladesh