Instructions for Freshman Students regarding Logging in to the University Software System and Online Classes on MS Teams

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, the classes of Fall 2020-21 semester will begin online from October 11, 2020 (Sunday). There will be an online orientation session on Saturday, October 10, 2020 (Tentative). Department wise specific time slot for the orientation session will be posted on the AIUB homepage noticeboard later.

It is very important for freshman students to follow the steps provided below in order to successfully connect to the online classes. So please read carefully and proceed accordingly.


Step 1: Login to the AIUB Admission Portal ( and download your username and password for the  AIUB Web Portal (, also known as VUES (Virtual University Expert System). VUES is AIUB’s own web-based software system for all its university operations. Throughout your academic life at AIUB, you will be using VUES for all your academic needs, like, registration, lecture notes, grades, etc.


Step 2: Login to VUES ( using the username and password you downloaded from the AIUB Admission Portal. The username for VUES login is basically your university ID. To login, you can click the ‘login’ button located at the top right corner of the homepage ( and reach the web portal login page, OR, you can directly visit


Step 3: After logging into VUES, you will find your username and password for Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is the application used for online classes at AIUB. It is a renowned application of Microsoft and AIUB is a licensed user of this application. You can find Microsoft Teams at the website:, OR, download the ‘Microsoft Teams’ Application in your laptop/ desktop computer (Microsoft App Store), or mobile phone (App Store/ Play Store).


The format of your Microsoft Teams username is ‘’. This username is actually your AIUB student email address. You will be using this email address for all official correspondences with the university. It is a Microsoft Outlook 365 email address and can be used to access any Microsoft platform. With this email address you are also entitled to all licensed Microsoft Software that are enlisted under ‘Microsoft Outlook 365 Education’. For the email account, you can login at

So, for all your online classes at AIUB, Microsoft Teams will be the platform you use from October 11, 2020 (Sunday) as per your class routine. The orientation session on Saturday, October 10, 2020 (Tentative) will also be held online using the Microsoft Teams platform. Kindly check the AIUB Homepage Noticeboard later for the specific time slot for the orientation.

Please Note (Important): Make sure that you preserve these two sets of username and password (for VUES and for Microsoft Teams) securely. You will need them frequently and will be unable to access your classes, lecture notes, grades, etc. without them.

If you face any difficulty, please contact the respective offices as follows:


For VUES (AIUB Portal): 

Hotline Number: +8801844515904 (12 PM – 7 PM)


Director: Mr. Danilo G. Morgia, Email:

Executive: Mr. Md. Mahmudul Islam Shawon, Email:


For Microsoft Teams: 

Hotline Number: +8801844515908 (12 PM – 7 PM)


Director: Mr. Md. Manirul Islam, Email:


In case if you are unable to reach the above contact numbers, you may contact the following student volunteers of Office of Student Affairs (OSA) for assistance:


OSA Student Volunteers Contact Numbers (10 AM – 6 PM):

1. Mehedi Hasan: 01515697180 

2. Abrar Rafid: 01521581293 

3. Md. Taslim Hossain: 01794788280 

4. Md Anik Islam: 01303159123 

5. Md. Asif Hassan Reon: 01716000069 

6. Sadman Sakib Rafat: 01959810493 

7. Faisal Ahmed Afridi: 01850860650 

8. Dewan Mahnaaz Mahmud: 01725400918 

9. Ragib Hasan Shoumik: 01521406333 

10. Mohammed Asaf-Ud-Doulah:01839862557


For any other assistance, please the visit the webpage ( for the contact details of the respective department.


Please note that after you successfully login to Microsoft Teams, you can directly call the officials using their AIUB official email address ( through Microsoft Teams application.