There are several primary schools under the governmental authority across the nation where they are trying to develop the standards of their educational facilities. Some of the main factors that come into consideration are the health and the education qualityof their students. Recent survey reveals that most of the children in governmental schools like these are being physically unhealthy because of the water that they drink. And on the other hand these students also lack a lot of decisive educational knowledge, which would be affecting them in their future career planning. IEEE AIUB Student Branch is an organizational platform of the Engineering Department of American International University – Bangladesh (AIUB), which operates under the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE). The main purpose of this organization is to foster the standards of education and also advancing technological innovation for the benefits ofthe humanity. IEEE itself is the world’s biggest technical professional organization dedicated to such advancements through their global membership as a leading authority of the various engineering sectors and they have the capability to arrange projects that can help primary level students who are in scarce conditions like this. On the 25th October and 8th November, IEEE AIUB Student Branch conducted a social event in Amtoli Staff Welfare of Government Primary Schools (G.P.S) in Mohakhali for installing water purifiers for the students to access fresh drinking water. It also included the basic knowledge sharing of the engineering field of studies for motivating these young minds into such educational backgrounds through practical and theoretical implementations in front of the classesthrough a very interactive way. The school itself is allocated for studentstill class six and it is currently registered with more than 500 youngsters in their educational system. The Head Mistress of the school, Mrs. Gulshan Ara Khanum responded very positively towards the social work and insisted in looking forward to more of these in the future for the betterment of the children across the country.The teachers, stuffs and students of the school also had a very good impression on the effectiveness of the work. The event was lead by a team of 15 dedicated student members from the branch, supervised by the Mentor and the Advisor of IEEE AIUB Student Branch, Mr. ChowdhuryAkramHossain, Assistant professor and Special Assistant (OSA) and Mr. Saniat Rahman Zishan, Assistant Professor and Special Assistant (OSA)  respectively .Due to the huge response for being able to conduct this event successfully, IEEE AIUB Student Branch Committee have further plans to organize more of these activities in a larger scale in a regular basis since their main  motto says it all “Advancing Technology for Humanity”. Water Purifier Installation2 Water Purifier Installation3 Water Purifier Installation4 Water Purifier Installation5 Water Purifier Installation6 Water Purifier Installation7 Water Purifier Installation8 Water Purifier Installation9 Water Purifier Installation1