Meet the Advisors

The department of finance and the department of accounting jointly organized a session titled “Meet the Advisors” on 24th March, 2011 in the AIUB auditorium. The session was co-hosted by Mr. Hasan A. Mamun, faculty member of the department of finance, and Mr. Nikhil Chandra Shil, faculty member of the department of accounting.
In AIUB, just like in any other university, students are often faced with some major decisions, such as what discipline they should major in, what the future prospects of studying a certain major are and what they will learn from that particular major. Once they have made this difficult decision, the students are faced with even more perplexing questions, like which courses to take, what the sequence of courses should be, what the prerequisites for a particular course are and what a certain course would entail. Keeping these student concerns in mind, the department of finance and the department of accounting organized the event, which received overwhelming response from the student community. In front of a packed audience, Mr. Mamun and Mr. Shil spoke about the prospects of studying finance and accounting and the future opportunities this might lead, both at home and abroad. Then there was an open Q & A session where students asked questions about their individual concerns regarding the different professional designations such as the CFA, the CA and the ACCA, and also what courses they should pre-register for the upcoming summer semester. Mr. Zakaria Masud, head of the department of accounting, concluded the session with a vote of thanks.