Office of Public Relations (OPR)


To build a constructive positive image of AIUB by proper enhancement of internal and external activities and to maintain effective coordination among management, AIUB community, administration and academic body of AIUB and other related Department, organizations and Institution of Higher education.


The overall functions & activities of the Public Relations department are as following:

  • To work as one of the essential coordinating functionaries to assist the AIUB authorities to establish high reputations and image among the public, guardians and students at home and abroad by arranging publications of the news coverage of its various curricula and co/extra-curricula events and programs (convocations, seminars, workshops, conferences, cultural events sports & games, annual festivities, etc.) of its institutional as well as social, national, regional and international values and importance.
  • To contact/ invite the various print and electronic media for coverage of those events and programs.
  • To communications and Maintains liaison with relevant legal agencies and departments.
  • To proposes developmental planning, initiates policy recommendations directed towards growth and development of University's legal systems and administration.
  • Represents the university on any legal matters including compliance of law related to the operation of the University.
  • Plans reviews and execute risk management approach, J-SOX compliance support and business community measures.
  • To conducts study / research on legal issues.
  • To receive the text/s of (i) the Press Release/s from the various organizing committees of those events and (ii) the various advertisements including admission notices, results and recruitment announcements for wide publication in the print/electronic media on the quickest basis.
  • To take necessary steps to publish AIUB those Press Releases in the reputed national Dailies / TV Channels.
  • To coordinate with the government security authorities/ government bodies in connection with foreign students visa and foreign teachers’& employees’ work permit and visa, and other matters whenever needed.
  • To coordinate for arranging necessary protocol services on the occasions of the AIUB officials’ foreign visits and on the occasions of foreign dignitaries visiting the university.
  • Public Relations department is also involved to provide accommodation facilities for local and foreign students and visiting faculties of AIUB.
  • To arrange Seminar, conference, workshop at National and International Level.
  • To highlight AIUB activities to visitors, foreigners and local resources and organizations on their visiting the University.
  • To assist on all extra curriculum activities of the AIUB students.
  • Any other duties and functions as given by the university authorities.
  • To maintain liaison and coordinate with the Honorable Chancellor’s Office, Prime Minister’s Office, Education Ministry, Home Ministry, Foreign Ministry, Embassies, University Grants Commission (UGC) and BOI relating to AIUB affairs.
Officials of Office of Public Relations:
Mr. Ishtiaque Abedin

Founder and Vice President
Public Relations, AIUB

Mr. Abu Mia Akanda (Tuhin)

Asst. Director, Public Relations, AIUB
Contact: 8815387, 9894229, 8811749 (Ext. 117)
FAX : 88-02-8813233

Mr. M. A. Khalique Mian

Senior Executive, Public Relations, AIUB
Contact: 8815387, 9894229, 8811749 (Ext. 132)
FAX : 88-02-8813233

Sumon Kumar Das

Office of Public Relations, AIUB
Contact: 8815387, 9894229, 8811749 (Ext. 136)
FAX : 88-02-8813233