The Summer 2019-2020 routine has been changed in accordance with the UGC directives released on last May 7, 2020. In view of this, please check the revised routine. If your course has been cancelled or should you wish to add/change your pre-registered courses, please revise your pre-registration online accordingly. 

In case if you face any difficulty, you are advised to contact the followings:
(Email or call through Microsoft Teams)

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS):
Department of English: Mr. Hamidul Haque, Email:
Department of Economics, MMC and Laws: Dr. Rahmatullah, Email:
Department of MPH: Ms. Monidipa Saha, Email:
Department MDS: Dr. Rahmatullah, Email:

Faculty of Business Administration (FBA):
Program Directors:
BBA: Ms. Farheen Hassan, Email:
MBA/ EMBA: Dr. Nisar Ahmed, Email:

Faculty of Engineering:Faculty of Engineering:
Associate Dean: Prof. Dr. Abdur Rahman, Email:
Program Directors:
EEE: Prof. Dr. Md. Abdul Mannan, Email:
Head of the Departments:
EEE: Mr. Nafiz Ahmed Chisty, Email:
COE: Mr. Saniat Rahman Zishan, Email:
Architecture: Mr. M. Arefeen Ibrahim, Email:
MEEE/ MTEL: Dr. Mohammad Nasir Uddin, Email:

Faculty of Science and Technology (FST):
Associate Dean: Mr. Mashiour Rahman, Email:
Program Director:
Dr. Dip Nandi, Email:
Head of the Departments:
CS/ CSE/ CSSE/ SE: Dr. M. M. Mahbubul Syeed, Email:
MSCS: Dr. Tabin Hasan, Email:

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