On March 24, 2014, Department of Public Health organized a seminar at AIUB Auditorium on Cervical Cancer - Awareness, Prevention and Diagnosis conducted by Dr. Sk. Golam Mostofa, Director & Professor, Radiation Oncology , National Institute Of Cancer Research & Hospital, Dhaka. He elaborated on cervical cancer overview and its risk factors, causative agents, early sign and symptoms, early diagnosis and stages with the treatment options. He focused on the prevention of cervical cancer by vaccination and taking preventive measures related to reproductive health of female. He also showed some statistical data to depict the overall picture of cervical cancer burden on the society. The main focuses of the program were to make the students aware of cervical cancer and to promote vaccination against cervical cancer.

This seminar was followed by a vaccination program organized by USAID Fellows with MPH Department of AIUB with vaccine support from Glaxosmithkline and Meristopes. The venue for the vaccination program was Medical Center, Campus 2, AIUB. Students participated on the vaccination program very eagerly. Continuation of vaccination will be followed up on 7th April, 24th April and 24th October 2014.
Prof. Dr. Tafazzal Hossain, the Vice President, Academics, Prof. M. A. Quaiyum, the Registrar, AIUB, Prof. Dr. Ahmad Neaz, Advisor, MPH Program, AIUB Faculty members, students of AIUB and USAID Fellows were present at that program.