Seminar on Linux


Engineering Students’ Association of Bangladesh (ESAB) & Ubuntu- Bangladesh jointly arranged a seminar, titled 'Seminar on Linux' at AIUB Auditorium in 12th September, 2013. The seminar started with the national anthem. Later on, a brief promo video was demonstrated focusing on ESAB’s mission, vision and ideals.  

At the beginning of the ceremony MD Arif Raihan Maahi, the general secretary of ESAB gave his welcome speech.

After that Mr. Adnan Quaium  (Asst. Prof., Faculty of Engg., AIUB and Executive Member of Ubuntu-Bangladesh) gave his speech on the histories of Linux and its comparison with different operating system as like as Mac(from Apple), Microsoft’s Windows etc. He also clarified some of the source codes in details.

Alamgir Jalil Akik, a junior executive member of Ubuntu Bangladesh and a student of the Dept. of EEE, AIUB talked on the necessity of using an open source based OS like Linux for future Engineers. He also talked about the application of open source Operating systems in various electrical operation fields like smart grid management systems or giant automation industries.

Another executive member of Ubuntu BD, Russell John, who is also the first member of Ubuntu-Bangladesh team, gave a detailed discussion on Linux. In his speech he explained dealing with Linux and its booting process, audience communication, system running process, and the virus-protective benefits of Linux.

At the end of the seminar, Mashrur Hossain Shurid, Coordinator of ESAB - AIUB Unit Face gave thanks giving speech and wished to extend ESAB's effort on such open source based aspects so that talents and new thoughts might come up which may bring betterment of our motherland. In his speech, he thanked Ubuntu-Bangladesh as well as its guest-speakers for their valuable & informative speeches. He also took feedback from the audiences.

Before finishing the seminar, a photo-session took place to keep memories of the organizing team comprised with ESAB & Ubuntu’s volunteers along with the presenters.