Dear Freshmen Applicants,

Welcome to AIUB! Thank you for choosing AIUB as the home for your cognitive learning and achieving one of the significant milestones of your educational journey. Our students are our pride and most valuable assets. The whole world is currently going through an unprecedented time of anxiety. The well-being of our students has always been and will always be our highest priority. We want you to be safe and healthy in your home with your family. With our collective strength, we are committed to find the best solution to ensure your future. You need to make the most of the opportunities in the best possible ways no matter how difficult they might seem like. Your uninterrupted studies and on time graduation are always our topmost priority. We are going to start Summer 2019-20 semester with online classes. Considering the current overall economic crisis, the AIUB management has decided to reduce the tuition fee for Summer 2019-20 semester and offer flexible installment payment options. Following is the detail of Summer 2019-20 semester registration.  We thank you for your trust and understanding.

Dates of Summer 2019-20 semester:

Freshman Classes Start: Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Classes will be online through Microsoft Teams (Guideline for enrolled freshman students on how to use Microsoft Teams will be posted in a separate notice.)

For details requirement and online admission form submission please visit

In case if you face any difficulty please contact by email at or call 01844115000, 01886566666, 01844515900 (10 AM – 6 PM)

Waivers (For Freshman Students of Summer 2019-20):
        • REDUCED TUITION FEES *ONLY FOR SUMMER 2019-20: BDT 4,400.00 
        *Regular Tuition Fees BDT 5,500.00 per credit hour will be applicable from Fall 2020-21 semester onwards
        • 20% WAIVER ON LAB FEES *ONLY FOR SUMMER 2019-20
Installments (For Freshman Students of Summer 2019-20):
Admission Fee (After 20% waiver), Annual Development and Annual Student Activity Fees can be paid in 2 equal installments: 
        a. 50% during Summer 2019-20 (in 3 equal installments with other fees)
        b. 50% to be paid in full during the Final registration of next semester (Fall 20-21)
Reduced Tuition and Laboratory Fees, and other fees can be paid in 3 equal installments


Installment payment option for Tuition Fees of Summer 2019-20, as shown below: 


50% of Admission (After 20% waiver), 50% Annual Development, 50% of Annual Student Activity Fees, Tuition Fees (with 20% waiver), Lab Fees (with 20% waiver) and other fees


Deadline of Payment

1st installment

(One Third of payable amount)

During Admission

2nd installment

(One Third of payable amount)

By Week 6 of Summer 19-20 semester

3rd installment

(One Third of payable amount)

By Week 12 of Summer 19-20 semester

Remaining 50% of Admission, 50% Annual Development and 50% of Annual Student Activity Fees will be due in the following semester (Fall 20-21)

Please note (For Freshman Students of Summer 2019-20):
• Reduced Tuition Fees of BDT 4400.00 (20% waiver on regular tuition fee of BDT 5,500.00) per credit hour is ONLY 
  for Summer 2019-20 semester in view of COVID-19 pandemic.
• Regular Tuition Fees BDT 5,500.00 per credit hour will be applicable from Fall 2020-21 semester onwards.
• Students who have already enrolled for Summer 2019-20 semester before the university closure and paid 
  the regular tuition fees; the waived amount will be adjusted in their account.
• All other fees are non-refundable except tuition fee as per university policy
• All tuition fees and other fees are subject to change without prior notice