Prof. Dr. Taslima Monsoor, the Advisor of Department of Law attended the 2018 19th Asian Bioethics Conference (ABC19) from November 13 to November 16, 2018. The conference has been prepared through cooperation among Asian Bioethics Association, Eubios Ethics Institute, Pingtung Christian Hospital, Kaohsiung Kai-Suan Psychiatric Center, the Social Empowerment Alliance, and Open University of Kaohsiung. 
This year’s theme is “Bioethics for Smart Living in Asia: Placing Taiwan as a hub nurturing international partnerships and sustainable practices”. In this conference, Dr. Monsoor has presented a paper titled “Empowerment of Women and the Development of Muslim Family Law: A Perspective from Bangladesh”. In her paper, Dr. Monsoor demonstrated the legal development in family laws concerning empowerment of women. However, rights guaranteed by law as catalyst to the empowerment of women are hardly implemented due to the patriarchal attitude of society and lack of state mechanism.

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