Prof. Dr. Taslima Monsoor, the Advisor of Department of Law as well as the former Dean of faculty of Law, University of Dhaka has successfully signed an MOU on behalf of Department of Law, AIUB with School of Law, Murdoch University. The MOU is expected to facilitate exchange programs for both faculty members and students as well as academic and education cooperation between the institutions. Dr. Taslima also attended the 2018 Asia-Pacific Law School Leadership Forum hosted by School of Law, Murdoch University, Australia on June 6 to November 8, 2018 organized by the International Association of Law Schools (IALS).

This year’s theme is ‘From Imitation to Innovation’. The theme stems from the realization of an overwhelming majority of our members that legal education is on a cross road. The focus of this year’s regional forum and annual meeting is to explore how diverse pedagogies and perspective coupled with new tools of technology is changing the way we are educating this new cohort of law students.

In the Annual General meeting and Deans Forum, Prof. Dr. Taslima Monsoor represented AIUB. The objective for this is to develop a model curricula in order to establish a baseline for the Knowledge, Skills, and Values legal students are expected to have in their particular field. Prof. Taslima was invited as the discussant on the panel.

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