Top-Up IT Training came at the doorsteps of American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) with a great opportunity for the upcoming IT, Engineering and Science graduates and post graduates providing them with IT training. They have come with a vision to guide them towards their desired IT career. For this reason an entrance exam was arranged on 1st October, 2015 at AIUB Campus 4, where about 400 students took part. On 27th October, 2015 names of the eligible students were published.

To inaugurate the training, Department of Computer Science, AIUB recently arranged a seminar for the selected students to provide them a view of the course specifications. On behalf of the training organizers Kamal Mansharamani, Project Director and Senior Advisor, Ernst & Young LLP, C.R. Mahesh, Senior Consultant - Performance Improvement, Ernst & Young LLP, Subankar Chowdhury, IT/ITES Expert for Skill Development and Company Certification, Bangladesh Computer Council, Surender Singh, Consultant, Ernst & Young LLP, Shahidur Rahman, Project Manager, Top-Up IT & ITES Foundation Skills Training and Sharaban Tohura, Training Coordinator, Project Implementation Team (EY) were present in the occasion. On behalf of AIUB Dr. Dip Nandi, Head (CS), MD. Hafizur Rahman, Assistant Professor, MD. Saef Ullah Miah, Assistant Professor and Sabbir Ahmed, Assistant Professor, CS, AIUB were present at the seminar.

Sharaban Tohura started the seminar and greeted the students who were enrolled for the exam and congratulated those who were selected for the training. She introduced selected candidates about the registration steps and explained about the time schedule and other basic stuffs about the training.

Then Mr. Mahesh came up and thanked AIUB CS Department Faculties and the students for their cooperation. In his speech, he did mention that It was a bit surprising for him that most number enrolled students for the exam and most number of students selected for the program were from AIUB among a large number of universities in Bangladesh. He was very satisfied with the enthusiasm of the students.

After that Mr. Kamal Mansharamani came on the stage and pictured the bigger view. His speech was like ice breaking as he talked about Entrepreneurship, Success, Failure, Experience, Differences between his generation and current generation.

Then Dr. Dip Nandi came up and thanked Kamal Mansharamani for his valuable speech which was encouraging for the students. Then he thanked all the students who took part in the exam and congratulated those who got the chance to be part of the training. He also thanked Top-Up IT team for giving such an opportunity for the fresh graduates and finished his speech wishing best of luck.

All in all, it was an inspiring and great seminar who were about to start the training. At the end Dr. Dip Nandi handed over the token of appreciations to the guests.

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