AIUB Joins SAP Conference in Shanghai, China

March 13-16, 2014 the American International University- Bangladesh participated in the 2014 SAP d-code conference hosted in Shanghai, China. The said event is intended to integrate different avenues of the SAP ecosystem together and look at the latest technologies and collaborate in order to find solutions for global problems. AIUB representative Ed Alcanzare says “It’s interesting today because they (SAP) are looking at us- the academic community for input regarding this. In a conversation with Ann Rosenberg- Head of Global SAP University Alliances she mentioned that “SAP is aggressively targeting the millennial generation. We want to focus on them because this is our future, they are our market, the near future decision makers, the operators of the system. We have to make sure that SAP will still be relevant in the next years to come. On Big Data It is undeniable that the main focus of the program is Big Data. Due to mobile and cloud computing and the explosion of social media we have generated an incredible amount of data. SAP’s focus is to make sense out of this and be able to come up with substantial knowledge based on these. SAP and AIUB “We’re really happy about our partnership with SAP because we’re able to provide first hand experience on these business applications to our students” says AIUB Vice- Chancellor Carmen Lamagna. “We see a disconnect between the academic learning to some of todays business demands in terms of skillsets of the entering labor force in IT.  AIUB together with SAP is able to bridge that” added by the Vice-Chancellor.