A Seminar on ‘International Trade and Bank’s Role’

On March 20, 2014 a seminar titled ‘The role of Banks in International Trade’ was arranged to highlight the international trade condition to the students of Global Trade and Global Marketing. The seminar was arranged by Mr. Redwan Salam, a faculty member of Marketing Department of Faculty of Business Administration. The resource speaker was Mr. Mohibul Islam, Junior Assistant Vice President and Deputy Head of SME Credit Division of Credit Risk Management Department of Mutual Trust Bank Limited.
The seminar covered theoretical aspects of international trade and their practical implications along with the role of banks in these transactions. Mr. Mohibul’s lively, enthusiast, inspiring and interactive presentation made the session a very productive one. The seminar was very informative and helpful for the students to understand overall international trade process. The speaker also discussed many contemporary international trade issues, such as Bangladesh’s RMG sector, business impact of Crimean crisis, Syrian civil war and financial restriction on different countries by international community, to illustrate how bank’s role changes with situations.
The seminar ended with a thanks note by the organizer with a hope that the students, especially the students of marketing discipline, will review their views to market places, which is no longer a local one rather a more globalized single one and will be motivated to learn more to become such leaders to lead business of Bangladesh in the global market successfully.