The lives lost in the remote areas of Bangladesh through the harsh winters are countless. Struggling with the basics, they have but just a thin rag draped around them to survive the cold. How fortunate we must be, to be able to feel not just the warmth of our stylish shawls and sweaters, but even the warmth of love and kindness from those around us. That makes it our moral obligation to spread it to those less fortunate than us. They if you have the power to make a difference, to make someone happy, you should do it, because the world today, undoubtedly needs more of it. That’s what ‘Shomoy” believes. AIUB’s Social Welfare Club, “Shomoy”, persevering one of the many causes that they work for, initiated a “Winter Clothing Drive” to raise funds for providing warm blankets to underprivileged of the south-western region of the country. Starting from the 7th of December 2014, they ran the campaign on campus to create awareness amongst both students and administration. Their combined efforts enabled them to spend 3 days, from 21st – 24th December 2014, distributing 450 blankets, along with the campaign collections of donated winter clothing, to those in need around the villages of Dimla Upazila in Nilphamari, Rangpur. Their dedication to such provocative issues is truly an inspiration to us all, as time and time again, these endeavors of “Shomoy” continues to empower AIUB as a family, to step forward and do our part. Like they say, “If there be a truer measure of a man than by what he does, it must be by what he gives.” SPREADING WARMTH2 SPREADING WARMTH3 SPREADING WARMTH4 SPREADING WARMTH5 SPREADING WARMTH6 SPREADING WARMTH7 SPREADING WARMTH8 SPREADING WARMTH9 SPREADING WARMTH10 SPREADING WARMTH11SPREADING WARMTH12