The Filipino Community in Bangladesh had the pleasure to listen to an Outstanding Filipina who is a top educationist and educational leader in Bangladesh. The Philippine Embassy in Bangladesh  celebrated the International women Month 2015 last Friday, 17 April 2015  in its function room as a tribute to not only Filipino Women but to all women of the world. Dr. Carmen narrated her success story on how she became the first Lady Vice Chancellor of a now progressive world class university. Considering that she is a woman and the low status of women in this country, she was able to reach the top in the hierarchy of a prestigious university system through determination and passion. Her exemplary accomplishments accorded her international recognitions such as the PAMANA  Awardee  for her success as a Filipino Overseas Worker;  100 Top Filipina Women of the World in 2014 and another  International Alliance of Women Award in 2013. She has been elected as President and Treasurer of the International Association of University President and Association of Universities in Asia and the Pacific, respectively. The participants were surprised to know about these string of international recognition which were bestowed to Dr. Lamagna. They were obviously inspired and felt proud  of a fellow Filipina who is making raves in the field of university education in Bangladesh.

The celebration was spearheaded by the lady of the Philippine Ambassador Vicente Vivencio Bandillo, Madame Alma Maria Bandillo who shared the same thoughts on how women influence the lives of men and other people. This was followed by a random  testimonies  by male participants on the women that influence their lives. In recognition of the women who were present in the celebration, they were offered roses as a symbol of respect and admiration.



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