In order to expedite project-based learning culture of AIUB, department of Marketing activated an outdoor event titled ‘Startup Community Market: Market for the Marketers’ at AIUB premises. The event was designed to provide a realistic market structure with greatest commercial atmosphere to practice various aspects of marketing (i.e. setting up pricing structure, negotiating, interacting with the clients, designing supply chain and distribution network, designing IMC activities (e.g. personal selling, advertising, etc.), activating digital marketing campaign, inventing products and services, etc.) that the faculty members of the department usually teach in a class room environment.
The primordial  aim of the event was to connect, inspire and educate young learners of the department; therefore, the organizer initially started with accepting proposals on various startups and finally ended up with executing all accepted startups in a facilitated environment. During the event, a total of 17 proposals put forward by 17 groups, each consist of 5 to 6 members from 4 major courses, i.e., Social Media and Digital Marketing, Distribution and Channel Management, Consumer Behavior, Product Innovation Management, were invited to execute startup plans, which cover a wide spectrum of marketing, by setting up stalls or kiosks at the AIUB premises.
The startup market offered varieties of merchandise to the AIUB community (i.e. faculty members students, officials) at affordable prices and were able to attract savvy, interested and high valued customers in a short period of time. The estimated total transaction value of the community market amounts to BDT 1,50,000 generated in 5-6 hours.
The organizers would like to extend their sincere gratitude to all the participants, faculty members of FBA, AIUB faculty and officials for their continuous support and encouragement in making the event successful.
The event was jointly organized by Md. Khaled Amin, Assistant Professor; Mr. AKM Kamrul Haque, Senior Assistant Professor; Ms. Tahsina Khan, Senior Assistant Professor of department of Marketing, Faculty of Business Administration (FBA). 

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