English Department's interactive seminar on Semiotics


The Department of English organized a seminar titled "Semiotics: Representation, Construction and Evaluation of Reality" on 17 July 2014 at the seminar room of Campus 7. It was presented by Mohammad Khan Firoz, Asst. Professor of the English Department.
Semiotics, as an interpretive framework, works based on sign system and is employed to decode various verbal, visual and textual narratives and diverse social phenomena. Tracing out the origin of the intricate but nascent discipline in close association with Structuralism, the presenter focused on the purpose of its use, its functional procedures and on how it cuts across disciplines intriguing theorists and intellectuals from a wide spectrum.
The interactive seminar was attended by the Head of the Department Dr. Faheem Hasan Shahed along with a host of faculty members including Mr. Hamidul Haque, Mr. Asif Kamal, Ms. Shaila Ahmed, Ms. Kaspia Sultana, Ms. Sadia Jabin Rahman, Mr. Azad Ruhul Amin, Mr. Theotenus Gomes, and Mr. Shihab Sakib.  It was also attended by a good number of enthusiastic students of the Departments of English and MMC.  The seminar was made specially interesting by the participation of the faculty members and students in raising critical comments and questions.