Upholding the tradition initiated by the Office of Students Affairs [OSA], student clubs and administrative personnel of the American International University-Bangladesh [AIUB] gathered at the ‘Polashi Mor’ at dawn on the 21st of February’ 2013, and made their way towards the ‘Shahid Minar’, to give tribute to the lost lives of the Language Martyrs of 1952. The students were joined by Mr. Manzur H. Khan, Director, OSA, Mr. Ziarat H. Khan, Deputy Director, OSA, Mr. Shamim Mredha, Senior Executive, Administration, Mr. Md. Al-Mamun, Junior Executive, Administration and Ms. Shama Islam, Faculty Member (FBA) & Special Assistant (OSA). AIUB’s rally was uniquely decorated with different letters of the Bengali Language in red and yellow, courtesy of the AIUB Art Club, the procession carried an adorned wreath and banners to pay their respects. Today, the ‘Shahid Dibosh’ is not only a day in the history of Bangladesh but is acknowledged by the entire world as the International Mother Language Day.