The first day of Spring ("Boshonto"), was welcomed by a wonderfully joyous morning.  As the nature, so were the faces - colorful, like the new spring, sprang to life with morning light to bade good bye to the past and start a new beginning. The rejoicing wind too was ready to celebrate the day along with the young students of Architecture Department, AIUB. Together, they increased the splendor of the first day of Spring 1420, Bengali year (13th February, 2014 AD), by arranging a short yet wonderfully organized and executed cultural program to celebrate the day.

The “Boshontoboron” program was held at AIUB auditorium, Banani on February 13, 2014. The presence of all the faculties and students of Architecture Department enriched the glory of the day and the program. Perhaps as embeded culture in our mindset for ages, we Bangladeshi people cannot start a new spring or rejoice new life properly, without giving a tribute to Tagore. Hence a phenomenal composition of 3 Tagore songs and poems through a group performance was perfectly fitted to welcome the present audience just after the inspiring welcome speech by the Coordinator of Architecture Department M. Arefeen Ibrahim.

As the shadows started to fade, the sun was smiling outside, gentle breeze blew and made the flowers and leaves dance, and birds lost themselves in joy of music through their chirping. So why then, not the freshly inspired youth? Beautiful presentation of group dances with traditional Bengali songs created the mood of rhythm and joy in the audience.  Talented and entertaining music performances by the students made all the present people sing in chorus and celebration. The well organized 1 hour program was a perfect combination of remarkable singing, dancing and reciting. The short but successful program,  left memories to cherish, celebrations to remember and ended  with  expectations to look forward to further more programs like this, organized by the students and inspired by teachers.