Tutorial session for the students of Financial Accounting Course

Department of Accounting has arranged tutorial sessions for the students of Financial Accounting course. The main objective of the sessions was to help the weaker students of the course to improve their performance regarding analytical skills and to provide them better understanding about different topics of financial accounting course by solving practical mathematical problems in a group. Students had form groups consisting 5 members and a volunteer. Volunteers were the senior students who have proven track record in this particular area. Each volunteer has supervised the assigned group closely to help the students on solving their problems. Department has selected volunteers taking the proposed names from different faculty members and finally evaluating their performance in different courses. The session was conducted by developing practice cases by the course faculty members and by providing proper training to the volunteers on the developed cases. During the tutorial session, each participant was given copy of the cases. The responsible faculty members have started the session introducing the problems to the students. All the faculty members taking the course in the current semester were present during the sessions to facilitate, supervise and monitor proper execution of the proposed courses of action for the event. Two tutorial sessions has been conducted, one on 20.02.14 and the other one on 17.04.14 (one before midterm examination and one before final examination), to successfully achieve the goal of the event. Department of Accounting likes to thank Ms. Nafeesa Tabassum (course coordinator), Mr. Khondoker Pear Mohammad, Mr. Niaz Mohammad, and Mr. Khondoker Ziaur Rahman for taking the responsibility of arranging and supervising the whole tutorial sessions.