Poster/Concept Presentation

The upcoming CS Fest will have a new event of poster/concept presentation that will display novel ideas promoting social or scientific issues.

  1. Areas of Interest:
    1. Any published or yet to be published scientific paper directly relating to Computer Science.
    2. Any ideas on any field of computer science that are not yet put into writings.
    3. Humorous concepts portraying any event of AIUB but which must not defame any Faculty/Staff of AIUB.
    4. Any sprouting social issues without bias to any political/religious views that can be solved using any method of Computer Science.
Important Dates:
Submission of Group Names  (2 person in a group)

21st November 2013

Submission of Concept/Poster Ideas

21st November 2013

Submission of Concept/Poster

22nd November 2013

Display of Concept/Poster

23rd November 2013

Rules and Regulations:

    1. Each poster must contain a title of the poster, name of group members, university name and logo.
    2. All contents of the poster should be original. Content that is copyright to someone else should not be in your poster.
    3. Poster €™s design and content should strongly represent the information that the designers want to convey to the viewers.
    4. Any content of the poster should not negatively criticize any social issue or any person.


Please follow the given links or you can consult the Faculties given below for necessary guidelines


Concept/Poster Size:

Standard sized art papers, Size: 22 inch by 28 inch, Weights: 128 gm.
  1. Point of Contact:
Md. Saef Ullah Miah Lecturer, CS Department,
RM# 411, Campus €“ 4.

Abdus Salam
Lecturer, CS Department,
RM# 411, Campus €“ 4.